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Our desire is to encourage riders along the path of horsemanship and help develop a solid foundation in every horse we meet. We will gladly share the knowledge we have gained along the way. We've come to appreciate the different needs of people and their horses and we try to develop an approach that fits each situation.


Horsemanship Internships:

Bring one or two horses and come spend a month developing traditional horseman & stockman skills.   If you are interested in living the real experience come join us for a month - Call to customize your details - Lodging and cooking facilities provided.

Our 2017 summer is being developed. 

Talk to us about opportunities or plans for Summer 2017.

Monthly Horse Training:

We'll put 30 days on your horse and then ask you to ride him a couple times before taking him home. We think it is important for you to get acquainted with our approach and get a feel for what he has learned. --$1000/month plus feed.


Have a different idea, give us a call and talk it over --


At times we have horses for sale or know of horses looking for a new job. If you are looking for a new partner - give us a call...




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